Staking(Membership app)

Membership levelStaking QuantityPoint exchange feeAdditional benefits


$ 0


Individual purchase of content


$ 50


30% off




60% off




Totally free during the staking period

Users can stake a certain amount of EDT tokens as an indication of their commitment to completing the learning plan. Membership ratings (Silver, Gold, Diamond) are given according to the number of staking tokens.

  • As soon as users link metamask wallets to their accounts, they will be given a membership rating to Bronze Level, and you can enjoy more benefits by upgrading your membership rating at any time.

  • In addition, when signing up for the EduStar membership, the reward for using the review content will increase depending on the grade. (Under review). Upon completion of the learning stage, a mystery box open coupon will be given according to the grade other than the NFT certificate, so you can enjoy various benefits such as token exchange vouchers.

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