Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales

  • A textbook recommended by the Cambridge International Elementary Examination.

  • Adopted by Oxford University Press.

  • Developing children to read on their own through statistics and research.

  • Traditional fairy tales in multiple languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese).

  • A variety of play education.

The fact that reading is associated with learning, Did you know?

Up to 12 years of age when the cranial nerve is completed is the golden time of reading, and if you develop your reading habits at this time, your child's vocabulary and imagination will explode.

Help your child's brain develop in the right direction with good reading habits!

Meet the world's most beloved fairy tales.

These interesting stories have been told for generations and are now made available for children to read on their own.

Oxford Fairy Tale is the world's first content to make multi-language changes in real time. Traditional Tales that can be read freely in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

The world's most beloved stories are developed for children to read on their own and are widely welcomed by children around the world.

Children's imagination and creativity are raised by reading traditional fairy tales of various languages

How to proceed

You can choose the books you want to see on the library screen. There are 36 traditional fairy tales tied in 4 books on different difficulty levels.

You can select a book to see a fairy tale, and two buttons at the bottom of the book to explore books of different difficulty.

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