Story Book

Story Book

  • Traditional Korean fairy tales where you can learn a wide range of Korean

  • Aesop's Fables are the philosophies accumulated over the years of mankind.

  • Life fairy tales that will nurture children's culture

  • Sex education made as a fairy tale for a healthy and correct perception of sex

  • Real-time multi-language (English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese) change function

  • Word and sentence review through problem solving

What is Story Book?

Through various fairy tales,

  • language change

    Real time language change

  • Problem solving

    Review key words and sentences.

  • Korean Culture

    It is also a great help for multicultural families and overseas Korean children.

Children who only study well ...?

It's important for your child to build up knowledge, but your child's personality and manners are also important.

Children's manners are known through traditional fairy tales from Korea.

Aesop's fables from around the world help children's sensibilities.

Life-giving fairy tales ensure that your child has the right personality.

Sex education assimilation helps to build our self.

Children's knowledge and sensitivity are developed extensively

through reading books in various fields and cultures.

The more you read, the better your thinking will be.

Let the children with the power to think!

Let the children review themselves.

Story Books allow you to review and learn words by quizzing fairy tales you just read.

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