EduStar Platform

EduStar is doing its best to spread multiple languages and cultures by taking the lead in embracing global talents with good leadership through platform that reward immediately after learning.

Through EduStar platform, users can experience the functions of e-books and audiobooks without having to pay a large amount of money. Users can also access the best educational content.

The EduStar platform currently has 2912 contents, some of which are being served in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau through iQiyi, a Chinese video platform.

EduStar platform can be easily and quickly participated anywhere in the world. Users deposit EDT, and EDT is exchanged for points in the platform. Points in the EduStar platform can be withdrawn to EDT anywhere.

Users will be provided with a random box that allows them to earn at least 500 points up to 5000 points while signing up, 5,000 points after linking metamask wallets, and will be graded as bronze members. You can participate in high-quality content with up to 10,000 points provided.

EduStar platform users can experience programs in the platform in advance through tutorials and previews, and also use a number of contents such as 2,912 learning content purchases and review games as points.

Users need to buy each content if they want to participate in six learning contents (OXFORD Traditional Tales, OXFORD Project X Code, OXFORD Read With Biff, Chip & Keeper, Multilingual Learning through Mathematics, and Korean Language Proficiency Test Contents). You can choose 30,000 points for one purchase, 100,000 points for four purchases, and 150,000 points for six purchases. Users can buy content individually or entirely according to their individual preferences.

The EduStar platform offers a variety of customized services for users.

It provides tests, ranking checks, and customized content recommendation services. Users can test their language skills for free by conducting evaluation tests before and after learning. Users who are curious about the test ranking can do personal level tests with learning points, and they can get recommendations for their test results rankings and personalized content.

EduStar platform offers a total of seven learning plans.

Step 7 of the Learning Plan: 50/classes, 100/classes, 200/classes, 400/classes, 800/classes, 1500/classes, 3000/classes

The EduStar platform currently offers four language services.

Currently, there are four language services: Vietnamese, Chinese, English, and Korean while Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and Japanese are the additional languages planned for development.

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