About Us

Now, the world is breaking down socially, culturally, and in terms of economic barriers achieving globalization with the development of the Internet. Currently, international exchange has reached a very important point, but language barriers are still high.

EduStar believes that "language education is the most basic education that should always be accessible, enjoyable where anyone can be educated and any piece of information is easily acquired." Therefore, EduStar wants to solve the current problems of language education. Language education should be available to anyone, available in real life, and continuous without facing economic limitations.

EduStar have developed a learning platform that is easy to access so that users can learn anywhere. EduStar maximized the effectiveness of language learning by applying multilingual dubbing and subtitles to the content it provides.

EduStar provides quality content (multilingual traditional fairy tales, OXFORD Traditional, K-culture, etc.) that all ages can enjoy by reflecting the needs of users. EduStar also enhances the learning effectiveness of users through interesting games and video education.

Blockchain technology has been combined to allow users to receive immediate rewards every moment while learning with EDT tokens based on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), and to utilize rewards paid as incentives to receive additional training or generate economic benefits.

In addition, EduStar would like to build an ecosystem of irreplaceable tokens(NFT) so that we can participate and leap forward in the rapidly changing global market beyond just language education.

EduStar will take the lead in language education that must be preceded in order to bring out human potential and enlightenment.

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